Hello, I’m

Tyler (Toxic Dev)

A Curious by nature Software Developer

1  class Human {
2      constructor() {
3        this.name = "Toxic Dev";
4        this.traits = ["DEV", "MECHANIC", "WIND TURBINE TECH"];
5        this.age = new Date().getFullYear() - 1994;
6      }
7  }

About Me

Hi, I'm Tyler a Self-Taught Software Developer, curious by nature wannabe Full-Stack Developer who's always working on improvement. currently working at Infinity as a Full-Stack Developer and Owner.

I am a Senior Software Developer specializing in Discord Bot Development. A Web Developer specializing in front end development. and also well Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects.

I am Well-versed in numerous programming languages. and i have a Strong background in project management, project planning and customer relations.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.“

- Albert Einstein

My Skillsets

Main Projects

Infinity Bot List

The future of Discord Bot Listing Services. We make it easier for you to advertise and grow Using our custom widgets, bot packs, vanity links and much more!


Looking for experienced Moderators and Developers? Search our endless list of users to find someone who is perfect for you next Big Project!

Toxic Portfolio

My personal Website, Blog and Portfolio. This website you're on!


Simple, Elegant and Customizable Discord Music Bot!

Tox Mod

The Discord Bot with a little bit of Attitude. Prevent Raids, Moderate your Server in your Absence, Check a Users Rank and Reputation and More.

Paradise Bot List

The Discord Bot List that strives to provide all Bots and Bot Devs with a little bit of advertising freedom!


Dmod is a community-first company working to evolve the moderation industry on Discord and beyond.

Space Flight

Navigate your way through space at speeds nearing that of light while you avoid pockets of strange energy that would surely be the end of you should you collide with too many along the way.

Side Projects


Control your FiveM Server from a Discord Channel of your choice.


FiveMToDiscord Logs allows you to have FiveM Server notifications displayed in your Discord Server.


FiveMToDiscord Logs allows you to have FiveM Server notifications displayed in your Discord Server.

Javascript Libraries


The easy way to Post your Bots Server and Shard Count to the Infinity Bot List API!


This is the Official Infinity Bots NPM Module used for Posting and Getting Stats.


Creating Console Logs and Stack Traces for all your Development needs has never been easier!


Official NPM Module for viewing the 5 most recent votes for your Bot on the Infinity Bot List Website


Virulent is a powerful node.js module that allows you to interact with the Discord API. Unlike other JavaScript Discord libraries Virulent takes a object-oriented yet slightly more sophisticated approach making your bot's code significantly tidier and easier to comprehend.


The official NPM Module for interacting with the Paradise Bot List API.