Hey, I'm Toxic Dev

I'm a curious by nature self-taught full-stack software developerwho is always aiming for improvement. currently working at Infinity Bot List as a Founder/Owner, FrontEnd Designer/Engineer and Community Manager with a strong background in project management, project planning and customer relations.

I also specialize in discord bot development, web development, frontend development and am well Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects.

Welcome to my portfolio, my online username is Toxic Dev or Toxic Developer but most people who know me well enough just call me Tyler and i love to code.

I started out small time working wherever i could mainly with FiveM or Minecraft roleplay communities and servers making assets, resources, mods and more. eventually i started to dabble in databases such as MySQL, Postgres and Mongoose

After a few years in that scene i moved on to Discord Bot and Web Development as my full-time path.

Currently i have a few active projects of my own that i run and maintain on my own or with the help of some friends, a few of these projects are showcased on this website.

Over the years i have expanded my workload and am constantly looking to grow my development knowledge as i experiment with Javascript, Typescript Go, Rust, Svelte and more on a daily basis.

As of lately i find myself bouncing between personal and work related projects but am always open to experiment with new things and technologies.

Infinity Bot List

SEP 2020 - Present

Search our vast list of bots for an exciting start to your Discord Server. Filter by name, category, tags and description to find a bot that suits your needs!

At Infinity i am responsible for maintaining the project as a whole, choosing our infrastructure and what technologies we use, hiring staff members and developers, and of course paying the bills.

Infinity uses a wide variety of technologies that form our very unique stack, this includes: Typescript, PostgreSQL, Go, React, Rust, Javascript and more.

AUG 2021 - Present

Simplifying the way you share your online media, files and links with your friends, family and loved ones.

At CordX i am responsible for project development, maintenance, funding and planning. As well as customer relations and support in general.

CordX is currently in its beta stages and constantly being updated and maintained, if you want to give us any suggestions feel free to join our Discord Server