January 02, 2023     1min read

Happy New Year


Well would you look at that. Another year has come and gone in what seems like the blink of an eye. 2022 was a hell of year and one crazy ride, i got to experience some new things in both my personal and work life and travel to some new places!

I also started a variety of new projects including: Git Logs, Migizi Bot, Artie AI, Dev Hub, Mod Hub and a few more which i will leave unnamed for the time being!

I have watched my most active project (Infinity Bot List) grow and flourish into an exciting new discord project with many more new design changes and updates to come throughout 2023

Overall 2022 was an exciting year but with the new year the hustle will never stop i will see you all soon with a ton of new changes and experiences!

  • Toxic Dev (Tyler)